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November 19, 2021


Welcome to the first edition of the VEI Roundup!  

Sent Fridays, this roundup is meant to support the work of the Vaccine Equity Initiative (VEI) by serving as a centralized resource for timely information and outreach materials related to vaccine promotion, education, and access.  

Each week, we will highlight new resources available, focusing on specific, of-the-moment topics, like pediatric vaccines. In the “Key Resources” section, we will link to standing resources that have ongoing usefulness, like DPH FAQs and communications materials. We’ll also flag when those resources get updated.  

Moving forward, the VEI Roundup will replace the weekly email updates previously sent by Alison Cohen (featuring new DPH resources) and Tammy Goodhue (sharing the weekly provider bulletin).  

All resources are listed as clickable links. All materials are also publicly available, so please share widely.  

Anyone can subscribe to the VEI Roundup by clicking here to submit a subscription request. You can unsubscribe by clicking the corresponding link at the bottom of this email. 




         Encourages COVID-19 Boosters for All Fully Vaccinated

         Individuals 18+

        (Available in 12 languages)



         to send people directly to to more easily connect

         them with a vaccine clinic for both Flu and COVID)

         as flu season arrives


  • COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ (Updated 11/3 regarding vaccines for children 5-11, vaccine testing, and FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine)

  • IMPORTANT REMINDER: Thanksgiving Holiday Ordering Cadence - NO ORDERS WILL BE DELIVERED NOVEMBER 24-28. (Deliveries resume Monday, Nov. 29)

  • Plan accordingly and submit your order by Nov. 17 to ensure delivery of the vaccines before Nov. 24.


  • There are no guaranteed delivery dates for orders placed on Nov. 18 or later.  


From Worcester:

Worcester’s #PostVaxLife youth/young adult (Worcester residents ages 18-22) vaccination campaign continues this week where it can be seen on local billboards, posters and buses.

Images from Worcester’s #PostVaxLife campaign



From Boston:

Boston is currently implementing a school-based peer-driven Youth Vaccine Ambassador program; it is being stood up at seven high schools across city neighborhoods. 

From New Bedford:

In the first week of a transition in New Bedford from its seasonal block by block strategy to its indoor family clinic site at the McCoy center, the team vaccinated 94 people at one clinic. On Monday November 8, 119 shots were administered at McCoy.

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