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Who we Are

MOAR was founded in 1991 to collectively meet with other addiction-oriented groups to build a coalition to support Licensing of Alcohol and Drug Counselors.

We are mostly people in addiction recovery, who support a continuum of care that is inclusive of peer recovery support services.

Maryanne Frangules
MOAR executive director

Our Accomplishments

  • Supporting the establishment of an adolescent treatment facility in Western MA
    which led to building a continuum for youth and young adults.

  • 31 years of Recovery Month Celebrations with national attention. 

  • Received a SAMHSA Award in 2011.

  • 21 Years of Celebrating Alcohol Awareness Month.

  • Expanding availability of Recovery Action Meetings to East Boston, South Boston, Somerville, Brockton, Natick, Marlborough, Framingham, Walpole, New Bedford, Worcester,
    Springfield, and Holyoke. 

  • Policymaker and Public Education to support services for families and individuals.

  • Collaboration with Community and Statewide Coalitions to Create Public Awareness.

  • 25 awards for Community Contributions. 

  • Received Joel Hernandez Advocacy Award from Faces and Voices of Recovery at America Honors Recovery Celebration 2012.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Noel Sierra

MOAR Regional Coordinator                          Southeastern Massachusetts

I'm a person in long term recovery and grateful to be the Southeast Regional Coordinator for MOAR. A quote that I live by is: "Nothing changes if nothing changes." - Arriba La Raza

Headshot of Maryanne Frangules

Maryanne Frangules

MOAR Executive Director

I've been in recovery over thirty years. I do this work because I am inspired by the visible, vocal, valuable faces of voices in recovery.

Headshot of Julie Bunch

Julie Bunch

MOAR DEI Staff Lead, DEI Lead and Boston/Northeast Regional Coordinator

​I am a woman in long-term recovery, who is the MOAR Regional Coordinator for Boston and Northeast. I am inspired to replace the discrimination of addiction with the value of living in recovery.

Headshot of Trevor Dayton

Trevor Dayton

MOAR Facilitator

As a man in long-term recovery,  I am actively involved in supporting the growth of peer to peer recovery, Recovery Centered Organizations and professional workforce development initiatives in the peer recovery workforce.  

Headshot of Stephanie Carlson

Stephanie Carlson

MOAR A.R.E.A.S. Facilitator

Stephanie Carlson is an AREAS co-facilitator in New Bedford. She has life experience in addiction and now  helps individuals seeking or are in recovery. 


Nico Alicea

MOAR Regional Coordinator

Western Massachusetts

I am a person in recovery since December 24th, 2015. For many years I have worked as a recovery coach, recovery coach supervisor, and a member of the Massachusetts Recovery Coach Commission.

Headshot of John Fortes

John Fortes III, LADC1, MS

MOAR Operations Support

As a person in long-term recovery, I have been affiliated with the MOAR for over 10 years. I am pleased to say that I am still part of the MOAR team and am looking forward to the continued great work that this organization does for the recovery community.

Headshot of Scott Francis

Scott Francis

MOAR Regional Coordinator            Metro-West Massachusetts

My recovery journey started in 1995 with the support of my parents, family, and friends. However, it was not until 2006 when I learned about making a wellness recovery action plan, that I was


Jacquie Maloney

MOAR A.R.E.A.S. Facilitator 

I have been in recovery since 2014 and worked extremely hard to get to where I am today. I am certified by the MBSACC after completing all courses for recovery coaching.


Hannah Page, LCSW

MOAR Operations and

Communications Coordinator

Hannah Page is a dedicated Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) driven by a profound personal journey and a commitment to social justice. 

Headshot of Leah Randolph

Leah Randolph LADC I, CADC Il


Leah is the Executive Director and Co-Owner of the Commonwealth Mental Health & Wellness Center, located in Dorchester and Lynn MA. 

Noel Sierra, MOAR Facilitator

Noel Sierra

MOAR Facilitator

Noel, a Latino man in long term recovery, has been working in the recovery community since 2015. Noel has worked as a House Manager, Recovery Treatment Coordinator, Recovery Coach, and Recovery Coach Supervisor. 


Mark Armour

MOAR Recovery Coach

My Name is Mark Armour, and I am genuinely excited to join you on your path to recovery. With a successful background as a business owner, I understand the importance of determination, resilience, and a strong support network.


Mandy Davis

MOAR Recovery Coach

My name is Amanda (Mandy) Davis, and I am a person in long term recovery. I started my journey and introduction into the addiction treatment field as a volunteer intern via the BPHC’s Safe and Sound Recovery Day Center


Keri McCallum

MOAR Facilitator

Keri is a women and mother in long term recovery that grew up in central Massachusetts. After her own struggles with substance use disorder led to the removal of her first born, she worked extremely hard to reunify with her daughter and was successful.

Headshot of Mark Muhammad

Mark Muhammad

MOAR Recovery Coach

​I am in long term recovery, and can relate to many of you. I am a recovery coach, who believes in all paths to recovery.

Headshot of Julie Pike

Julie Pike

MOAR Recovery Coach

I'm a person in long-term recovery. For me, that means I haven't had a drink or a drug since 1993. I spent 20 plus years in prison. When I returned home, life had changed significantly from the time I went in,


Denise Pixley

MOAR Assistant Program Director

I am a woman of color in long term recovery. I have been working in the field of addiction services since 2013 and have worked with marginalized communities since 1998.  I am a master’s level Mental Health Clinician and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.


Kirsten Puccio

MOAR Central MA Regional Coordinator

Kirsten, a woman and devoted mother, has embarked on a remarkable journey of long-term recovery. She passionately champions the idea of diverse pathways to recovery. 

Headshot of Darrell Wright

Darrell Wright

MOAR Recovery Coach

I am an individual in recovery who has not used any mind or mood altering substances since 2010.  I love the work I do of freely offering to others what was so freely giving to me.

Board Members

Headshot of Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy, LICSW, MAPGS

MOAR Board President

Kevin McCarthy is a person in long term recovery that after 20 years in sales Management and training found his passion as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and recovery advocate. 

Headshot of Father Joe White

Father Joe White

MOAR Board Vice President

Catholic Archdiocese Recovery Support Director.  He is, also, the parish priest for St Joseph’s Church in Boston. Father Joe is well known for his dedication to ministering to those in recovery.

Headshot of Joe Kelleher

Joe Kelleher

MOAR Board Treasurer

Long history of dedication to recovery community and supportive associations. Currently works at Gavin Foundation in a financial administrative capacity

Headshot of Vicente Sanabria

Vicente Sanabria

MOAR Board Clerk

Vicente has been in the field of prevention for over 20 years working with community organizations to reduce adolescent drug and alcohol use.  He also has been on the board of MOAR for over 8 years.

Headshot of Trudy Avery

Trudy Avery

MOAR Board Member

​"Act as if what you do makes a difference. it does." As the mother of a son in recovery, I want to continue to make that difference.

Headshot of Della Blake

Della Blake, 

Black Addiction Counselor Education (BACE)

MOAR Board Member

My experience with addiction became my life's work.  Recovery gave my life a purpose and a path. Responsibility is one of my best characteristics.  I accept the responsibility to support,

Headshot of Tavis Carter

​Tavis R. Carter, MS, LADC-1

MOAR Board Member

Tavis R. Carter is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Addiction Recovery Specialist. He currently works at Vinfen Human Services in MA. He also is an Adjunct Professor for Springfield College.

Headshot of Vijay Dalal

Vijay Dalal, MSW MBA LICSW

MOAR Board Member

Vijay brings a diverse background in Social Work, Non-Profit Operations, Program Development, Clinical Oversight and Financial Management as President/CEO of Granada House.

Headshot of Daniel Ginivan

Daniel Ginivan, 
CPS  Recovery Coach/ Certified Peer Specialist

MOAR Board Member

Danny Ginivan is a Certified Addictions Recovery Coach and an Approved Recovery Coach Supervisor in

Headshot of Chelsea Orefice

Chelsea Orefice

MOAR Board Member

Chelsea Orefice is a State Unintentional Overdose Researcher at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. She has had experience working in the substance use field as a substance use prevention coordinator, working directly 

Headshot of Sarah Coughlin

Sarah Coughlin, LICSW, LADC-I,  Certified Recovery Coach

MOAR Board Member

Sarah Coughlin is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, licensed alcohol and drug counselor and a certified recovery coach supervisor who has been 

Placeholder for Emily Graef

Emily Graef

MOAR Board Member

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