The MOAR Approach

The members of MOAR promoter public awareness of alcoholism, drug dependency and substance abuse by: 


Recruiting recovering persons, their family members and friends, to join MOAR


Using Recovery Messaging Tools to speak out regarding the benefits of recovery, and the social costs of addiction in our communities and the workplace 


Celebrating “Recovery Day” at the State House every year by inviting recovering persons, policy makers, legislators, treatment providers, and others to meet together. 


We discuss our accomplishments, as well as the continued need for public education and awareness about addiction. 


Offering community education about the need for Insurance Reimbursement for Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor to protect the public, and acknowledge the SPECIAL SKILLS and methods needed to successfully intervene with persons suffering from addiction. LADC1 Insurance Reimbursement becomes reality October 2015… Your help is needed to really make that happen! 


Educating insurers, HMOs and other third party payors regarding the need for equal access to and adequate treatment benefit. 


Partnering with treatment providers to assure access and quality care for addicts and their families. 


Educating health care providers and the public to reduce the stigma of addiction, while promoting the recognition of addictive disorders as a public health problem.