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Our History

Our History in Brief

The Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery (MOARwas founded in 1991 to collectively meet with other addiction oriented groups to build a coalition to support Licensing of Alcohol and Drug Counselors. Our mentor was Leroy Kelly, a known recovery advocate. Maryanne Frangules became the second collaborator, and is the current MOAR Executive Director.  


MOAR was originally The Massachusetts Organization of Americans for Recovery, which sought to develop a collaboration with former Iowa’s Senator Harold Hugh's, Society of Americans for Recovery, which was based on the premise of moving to end discrimmination for people with addiction in all aspects of life from health care, criminal justice, employment, and housing. 


MOAR became Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery, when we joined the New England Alliance for Addiction Recovery, funded by a SAMHSA grant, Substance Abuse Mental Health Services, Recovery Community Support Program in 1998. 


The project was funded by a little over 6 years which built a strong New England network. Simultaneously, we received and continue to have support from The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Addiction Services. 


MOAR is alive today because of the ardent support of people in recovery, families, and friends. 



  • MOAR joined ARCO, Addiction Recovery Community Organization, a Faces and Voices of Recovery national recovery community association. 

  • MOAR Executive Director, Maryanne Frangules, is the New England Faces and Voices of Recovery Representative. 

  • MOAR is a MA Coalition for Addiction Services member- moving to keep the continuum of care alive and well. 

  • MOAR worked in coalition to improve opportunities for longer term treatment without insurance barriers (effective October 2015). 

  • MOAR with the AIDS Action Committee co-chaired a successful Good Samaritan Campaign- instituting protection for legal charges against people for simple drug possession, when calling 911 to seek emergency medical attention during an overdose. We are now moving to promote public awareness.  

  • MOAR participates in SAFE MA- helping to educate all about Removing Alcohol Beverage Advertising from State Property. 

  • MOAR is a proud member of many coalitions. Many are working to sustain their efforts. Allston Brighton Substance Abuse Task Force is an example of strategically moving forward.  

  • MOAR (A.R.E.A.S.), Addiction Recovery Education Access Services, facilitators are now helping others know and experience their housing, education, career, rights across the system. We are planning for these groups to grow and glow! 

  • MOAR is spreading the word about Knowing Your rights Regarding Insurance Parity and Health Care Reform. 

  • MOAR is very pleased to have participated in The Governor’s Opioid Advisory Task Force and The Interagency Council on Substance Abuse and Prevention helping to address the epidemic of fatal opioid overdoses in Massachusetts.