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Are you interested in receiving a
FREE recovery training from MOAR?

MOAR offers two important trainings aimed at helping individual use their voices for productive change!

Recovery Messaging: This training helps individuals understand the impact of stigma and language on recovery. We can assist you in identifying key elements of recovery messages. Ultimately, attendees will be able to craft and deliver their own positive recovery messages.

Advocacy 101: This training helps individuals understand how public policies and laws are developed and changed. Additionally, the training covers the state budget process. Finally, we will demonstrate strategies and best practices for effective visits/calls with your legislators.

These trainings are put on by our awesome team of regional coordinators and can run anywhere between 45-90 minutes each.

Please reach out via phone (617-423-6627), or email ( if you are interested in scheduling a training or would like to learn more!

Free Recovery Training
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