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DEi team

Image by Denise Chan

The Team

Image by Denise Chan
leah randolph_edited.jpg

Leah Randolph / LADC I, CADC II


Leah is the Executive Director and Co-Owner of Commonwealth Mental Health & Wellness Center, located in Dorchester and Lynn MA. She has been working with individuals suffering from Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health Disorder, Trauma and Community violence for over two decades. She has been the Massachusetts Chair of (NBAC) The National Black Alcoholism and Addictions since 1997. 


Scott Francis

MOAR Regional Coordinator
Metro-West Massachusetts

My  recovery journey started in 1995 with the support of parents, family, and friends. However, it was not until 2006 when I learned about making a wellness recovery action plan, that I was able to develop skills and supports to sufficiently address my multifaceted challenges. I am eternally thankful for the incredible peers support that I have been blessed to have received over the years. It has greatly impacted my ability to heal from painful experiences and to abstain from alcohol and other drugs on a daily basis since 2007.

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Maryanne Frangules

MOAR Executive Director

I've been in recovery over thirty years. I do this work because I am inspired by the visible, vocal, valuable faces of voices in recovery. 

Jill OBrien Headshot.webp

Jillian O’Brien, Esq.

MOAR Director of Operations

I believe addiction touches the lives of everyone and have committed my work to impacting change. I am an advocate on behalf of the recovery community and passionate about building leadership. A wife and mom of 3 kiddos, I am very good at bringing order and peace to chaos. 

Julie B.png

Julie Bunch

MOAR DEI Staff Lead

​I am a woman in long-term recovery, who is the MOAR Regional Coordinator for Boston and Northeast. I am inspired to replace the discrimination of addiction with the value of living in recovery.


Noel Sierra

MOAR Regional Coordinator Southeastern Massachusetts

I'm a person in long term recovery and grateful to be the Southeast Regional Coordinator for MOAR. A quote that I live by is: "Nothing changes if nothing changes." - Arriba La Raza


Darrell Wright

MOAR Recovery Coach

I'm a person in long term recovery and grateful to be the Southeastern Regional Coordinator for MOAR.

A quote that I live by is, "Nothing changes if nothing changes." Arriba La Raza!

Mark M.webp

Mark Muhammad

MOAR Recovery Coach

​I am in long term recovery, and can relate to many of you. I am a recovery coach, who believes in all paths to recovery.

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